Inquisitive Kidz Play, Discover and Learn!

Acadekidz’s Toddler Childcare mission is to provide a caring, stimulating and safe environment for young children to develop their full potential, respecting their developmental milestones, their individuality and the community they live in.

Our Approach with Toddlers

AcadeKIDZ educators believe children who are respected in their intellectual, social, physical, emotional and self-management development grow up having a positive self-image.  Therefore, they engage young mobile children in a variety of individual, collaborative and cooperative play and learning activities in both French and English.  Our discovery-based framework to learning encourages children to be curious; to make and to test out predictions about their world in a safe environment.  Acadekidz educators have and take the time to interact with each and every child, as giving constant and relevant feedback is essential to the child constructing his/her knowledge of the world.

Sample Schedule


Through play, we believe our students:

• Investigate their world through inquisitiveness and discovery

• Develop a positive self-image; there are no right or wrongs, just lots of ways to make intricate links about the world!  

• Develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally as well as acquire self-management skills.


“A child’s play is essentially improvisation – a chance to try out new concepts by imagining scenarios or thinking up ways to manipulate a toy.”

-Salvatore Vascellaro, Out of the Classroom and into the World, New Press, 2011


At Acadekidz, as part of an IB World Preschool, we also guide little ones to develop empathy, show kindness for others as well as reveal a strong sense of self, as part of a local and global community.

Toddler Themes

Learning Objectives

 toddler_WhoWeAre2    toddler_WhereWeAre    toddler_ExpressingOurselves

 toddler_HowTheWorldWorks    toddler_OrganizingOurselves    toddler_HowWeShare

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