Health & Safety

Provide what is necessary for your children

Games full of healthy air

The children of the AcadeKIDZ play outside two hours per day except in the case of inclement weather. The fenced courtyard offers different areas of Games: the corners paving stones to the toys on wheels, surfaces grassy and conducive to picnics and to the exploration of the world of plants. Two large planters allow toddlers to discover the gardening and the life cycle of the plants. The children are free to splashing in the puddles of water, digging in the sand and in the mud. Strollers to four seats allow us to take the small in spontaneous promenade. Parents are required to always dress children according to the weather forecasts.

The children need to spend time outside for:

  • Develop a positive attitude of themselves, of their physical abilities and the external environment
  • Participate in activities to develop the concepts: awareness of the body and spatial perception
  • To be able to develop its fine and his big traction
  • Be able to play alone or in a group
  • Be creative, solve problems, explore and discover the world that surrounds us.

The time for the games outside is planned in order to maximize the external activities. There is a time to the schedule in the morning and the afternoon for the game outside in order to be able to go to the outside two times per day depending on the temperature.


To the AcadeKIDZ each child must be immunized according to the recommendations of the Department and of public health. A folder of immunizations must be kept at the center of custody of the child and a copy must be transmitted immediately to the staff of the Department. The Day Nurseries Act requires to keep up to date in our records the book of immunization of every child. The parents must therefore submit to the School a folder of immunization of their children before their first visit. You will need to fill out a form if you do not your child vaccinated for religious beliefs or medical reasons. Please notify the secretariat of all recent immunizations.

In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency we strive to immediately contact the parents or one of the approved contacts. If your child is seriously injured or sick during that it is to the AcadeKIDZ and that person may not be joined, the establishment will contact the emergency number 911.

The Administration of Medication

In order to keep a healthy and safe environment, educators will give a prescribed medication and ready to be administered to children who have a medical condition or anaphylactic reaction. AcadeKIDZ does not give medicines to the children for a temporary condition or an infection. Only children who have a permanent medical condition or an emergency will be able to have drugs administered by the staff of AcadeKIDZ. Children who have a chronic condition such as: asthma Diabetes Epilepsy and allergies will receive the necessary medicine to the day care center in the event of an emergency.

Periods of Rest

AcadeKIDZ offers a time of rest for the nap after dinner. This rest period lasts approximately one to two hours for the toddlers. The pre-school of 2.5 to 3.6 years can sleep, but they also have the choice of having a quiet period. If the child does not need to sleep, the parent must sign the permission form authorizing their child to calm games. If the children sleep, a visual check is performed every 10 minutes and recorded in the log of the child. AcadeKIDZ offers small beds for the children, but the parents must provide the covers which will be sent to the home each week to be washed.


The Persons authorized to pick up your child / the proof of identity

The staff of the AcadeKIDZ leaves from a child that under the written authorization and signed of the parents / guardians. In the case where a person other than the parents/guardians comes to pick up the child, the educators and the educators and/or the Secretariat must be notified by the parents before the child leaves the premises. The staff may request proof of identity if it does not know the person in question.

The educational outputs

AcadeKIDZ occasionally hosts school outputs when they are relevant to the unit of study. The Bill 73 established by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation requires that children be secured in a car seat and therefore we encourage parents volunteers to come to the outputs. In addition to the outputs, the children will walks of neighborhood to examine their environment.

A smoke-free environment

AcadeKIDZ undertakes to respect an environment without smoking for the children, staff, volunteers and visitors. The Director, Supervisor, educators , parents and volunteers play an important role in order to ensure compliance with the law without smoked in Ontario. In Ontario the act prohibits smoking in the workplace, public places, schools and in g to protect the children and the staff of the effects of second-hand smoke. The department we prohibited smoking in the day care of AcadeKIDZ.


Responsibilities of Parents and/or Guardians

The commitment and the cancellation of contract

The AcadeKIDZ

  • Does not provide reimbursement for holidays, vacations, the professional days, the days of illness and the days missed due to the temperature.
  • Is not required to maintain the place of a child after 20 days of absence and may choose to cancel the contract.
  • Does not provide for reimbursement of irreconcilable differences.

A) The commitment for the current year for the program of toddlers

As soon as a child is enrolled in the program of toddlers of AcadeKIDZ, a place it is reserved for a period of 10 months or 12 months, according to the contract signed.  Parents are responsible to pay the fees on a monthly basis.

The cancellation and refund policies for toddlers

If a parent/guardian decides to withdraw their child for any reason, it must provide a notice, in writing, three months before the withdrawal of the Child, to the Director of AcadeKIDZ and in the finance office at AcadeCap. If the written notice is less than three months, the parent will receive an invoice for the period of three months.

Reduced attendance

The parents or guardians must provide a notice, in writing, to the AcadekKIDZ and the Department of Finance to AcadeCap three months before the date of the reduction of the Attendance. Please be advised that the costs of child care will not be reduced if the child attends= less days or less of hours. The parents or guardians are responsible to pay the fees set and agreed upon at the time of the signature of the contract and this, on a monthly basis.

B) The Commitment for the Year in the Program of the Preschool

As soon as a child is enrolled in the pre-school program of AcadeKIDZ, a place it is reserved for a period of 10 months or 12 months, according to the contract signed.

A child enrolled in pre-school program is committed for the school year and parents/guardians are responsible for the payment for the period of 10 months or 12 months, according to the contract signed.  Parents are responsible to pay the fees on a monthly basis.

The cancellation and refund policies for the pre-school

If a parent/guardian decides to withdraw their child for any reason, it must provide a notice, in writing, three months before the withdrawal of the child to the Director of AcadeKIDZ and in the finance office at AcadeCap. The parents are responsible for the costs of the period of 10 or 12 months, according to the signed contract.

AcadeKIDZ reserves the right to suspend or expel a child who does not respect the rules of a safe environment for other children and for educators and educators. This procedure will be applied only if there is no agreement is possible between the AcadeKIDZ, the parents or the guardians and the child.

AcadeKIDZ reserves the right to suspend or to break the contract without notice for reasons of non-payment or irreconcilable conflict.

How can we encourage the Communication

We encourage the daily communication between educators, educators and parents to establish an easier transition in the morning and at the end of the day. In the morning we encourage parents to inform us of sleep, emotions and its motivation to come to the day care. Each day the teacher gives all parents an account, either written or oral (telephone, Meeting, etc.), the activities of their child. This may include information on the meals, the rest, the habits of toilet and their level of activity. By using an electronic portfolio and the form of progression educators will provide an account to the parents three times per year at meetings educators and educators and parents. The site of the Internet to AcadeKIDZ will provide daily information about units of inquiry.